Pool Compliance Certificate

How it works

Regarding the pool inspection process, the pool owner registers their pool with the local council.

Once the pool owner receives confirmation from the council regarding the pool construction date, the owner arranges an inspection with a VBA registered building inspector.

Once the inspection has been completed the inspector will issue a certificate of compliance (Form 23) if the barrier is compliant, or a report detailing non-compliant issues if the barrier requires attention to become compliant.

If the barrier is compliant the owner issues the certificate of compliance to council within 30 days. If the barrier is non-compliant the owner has 60 days to rectify any non-compliant issues and have the barrier re-inspected.

Once a certificate of compliance has been lodged with council, the certificate is valid for 4 years.

Note – If major non-compliant issues are found during an inspection, the inspector is legally required to issue a certificate of non-compliance immediately to council.

Major non-compliant issues include –

  • The barrier poses a significant or immediate risk to life and safety.
  • A door or gate forming part of the barrier is unable to be completely closed.
  • Any part of the barrier is less than 1 metre in height measured above ground level from the approach side.
  • A door or gate forming part of the barrier, when in the closed position, is able to be opened by a person who is unable to reach the opening mechanism for that door or gate
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